Public Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Prior to meetings of City Council, board and commissions, agendas with supporting documents are posted online. During a City Council meeting, items that are noted as new business, unfinished business, public hearing or a part of a zoning agenda (heard the second Council meeting of the month) will be discussed and available for public comment. If you would like to speak during a Council meeting, please fill out a public comment card and submit it to the City Clerk prior to the meeting start (Comment Cards are available as you enter Council chambers). Make sure to print clearly your name and the agenda item number for the item about which you wish to speak. Work Session, as the name implies, is an opportunity for the City Council to discuss - but not vote - on individual items of business. Work Sessions are typically held at the start of a City Council meeting, prior to the regular session meeting. Executive Sessions are held on an as-needed basis and in following state law, are called to discuss topics including: employee matters, pending litigation, future acquisition of real estate, staff meetings regarding investigative purposes, and tax matters. If any of the topics discussed requires a vote, the Mayor and City Council will call for the vote in a public forum. 

  • Meeting Type:Mayor and City Council - Regular Meeting
  • Meeting Date:06/04/2019 6:15 pm
  • Agenda:Final AgendaShow
  • Minutes:Draft Minutes
  • Meeting Address:City Hall in the Studio Theatre | 1 Galambos Way, Sandy Springs Georgia 30328
Item IDItem TitleAction
City CouncilNot Available
Call to OrderRoll Call
Roll Call and General AnnouncementsNot Available
Pledge of AllegianceNot Available
Public CommentNot Available
Approval of Meeting AgendaNot Available
19-184Add or remove items from agenda

Action Details
Consent AgendaNot Available
19-185Meeting MinutesNot Available
19-186Consideration of the Acceptance of the Dedication of Right of Way as part of the Development Regulations Ordinance requirements related to Community Development File # LDP 18-00013Not Available
19-197Update of the Sandy Springs Title VI PlanAction Details
Public HearingsNot Available
19-187First Public Hearing on FY2020 Budget and Discussion Not Available
New BusinessNot Available
19-188Hammond Gymnastics Center Management Action Details
19-189Consideration of Contract Award for Traffic Signs Maintenance and Emergency Road Closure ServicesAction Details
19-190Consideration of Award of the FY2019 Deep Mill Asphalt Repair ContractAction Details
19-191Consideration of Award of the FY2019 CIP and Local Maintenance Improvement Grant (LMIG) Paving ContractAction Details
19-192Acceptance of Prequalified Vendors for Stand-by Sidewalk Design ServicesAction Details
19-193Consideration of a Purchase and Sale Agreement for Property Located at 6038 Harleston Road (Tax Parcel # 17-0071-0002-015-4)Action Details
ReportsNot Available
19-194Staff Reports – None Not Available
Public CommentNot Available
Executive SessionNot Available
19-195LitigationNot Available
AdjournmentNot Available
19-196AdjournmentAction Details
Upcoming EventsNot Available
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Minutes are not issued for the following meetings: Community Developer Resolution, Community Zoning Information

To view agenda documents, you will need PDF software or web-browser plug-in. The Google Chrome web-browser has a PDF viewer built in and is available for download free of charge.

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