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The 6.6-acre linear park opened in 2014.

Playable Art structures playground, pavillion, picnic tables, restrooms

Groups are invited to use pavilions, on a first-come, first-served basis. If you bring a picnic lunch to a park, for example, and a pavilion is not being used, you are welcome to use it.


Playable Art Pieces:

It's You & Me, Kid - Artist, Frank Swanson, Littleton, CO > Laser cut granite boulder creating a three piece positive and negative space explorative sculpture

Spider Walk - Artist, Phil Proctor, Atlanta, GA > Interactive climbable sculpture in the form of a playful, stylized spider for children to climb, occupy and be enveloped within.

Whimsey Wall - Artist, Reham Aarti, Boise, ID > Mosaic of kiln-dried glass on a concrete and steel frame invites children to explore texture, stimulate curiosity and inspire interaction.

The Big Imagine - Artist, Jeff Hackney, Hillsborough, NC > Reinvented functional swings with no upper cross-members to obscure the view of the sky. 

Dragonfly, Artists, Alexis Gregg and Tanner Coleman, Tupelo, MS > Industrial brick, concrete, steel, mortar, polished concrete slides, climbing ropes and "dalle de verre" windows. 

Twist and Shout, Artist, Beth Nybeck > A nonlinear jungle of stainless steel tubing that loops, whoops, curves and twists. It creates spaces to hang from, climb on, crawl under and walk through.


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