Plan Review and Permits

Contact Fire Protection Engineer David L. Adams (770-206-2083) for assistance or additional information about plan review and permits.

The Sandy Springs Fire Rescue Department evaluates all new and renovation construction projects for code compliance in the following areas:

  • Site and zoning plans

  • Architectural plans

  • Fire sprinkler plans

  • Fire alarm plans

  • Alternate fire suppression systems

The review of site plans examines emergency vehicle access and fire hydrant location. Building construction (new and renovation) plan review checks for compliance pertaining to the NFPA Codes and Standards, including the Life Safety Codes, the State Law, the Standard Fire Prevention Code and any applicable City Ordinance. Plans for fire sprinkler protection systems are reviewed for all buildings where required in both commercial and multi-family residential applications.

The Fire Marshal’s Office enforces the state minimum standards established in the Official Code of Georgia and Rules and Regulations of the Safety Fire Commission, Chapter 120-3-3.

For specific guidelines and requirements for City of Sandy Springs Fire Rescue apparatus, see apparatus standards.

For gated communities and new buildings, see the Knox Box Rapid Entry System Requirements.

The Process

Site and architectural plans are reviewed concurrently with the reviews by Community Development. Plan review usually takes three to five business days. Design deficiencies are included with the LOPR that is issued by Community Development. Their office will contact the submitter to arrange pick up of the drawings.

The fee for building plan review and inspection is included in the building permit application.

All building plans must bear the seal of a Georgia registered architect or engineer. See separate requirements for fire sprinkler and fire alarm plans.

When a variance or waiver of compliance with the state minimum fire safety standards is requested, the designer is required to adhere to procedures here.

If the designer or contractor believe that the codes are misapplied or misconstrued, he or she may seek an appeal as permitted by the City of Sandy Springs Fire Ordinance.

Fire alarm and/or sprinkler system work will require separate plans to be submitted by the subcontractor.