Emergency Medical Services

Emergency Medical Services

Since July 1, 2008, the City of Sandy Springs has contracted with Rural/Metro Ambulance to provide 911 emergency medical services (EMS) within the City’s borders. Under this agreement, Rural/Metro has dedicated five ambulances at peak hours of the day and three at off-peak (overnight) hours to the City of Sandy Springs. While these units may be called upon to respond outside of the City’s borders should neighboring jurisdictions request assistance responding to disasters or during other unusually busy periods of time, these units all have home posting locations within the City.

Additionally, the agreement calls for these units to be dynamically positioned throughout the day based upon historical call patterns. This type of deployment plan has assisted in drastically reducing ambulance response times, and more specifically, assist Rural/Metro with maintaining their contractually obligated response times of eight minutes to life threatening emergency and 15 minutes to non-emergency requests, 90 percent of the time in any given month.

The subsidization provided to Rural/Metro by Sandy Springs through this contract is $450,000 annually with certain provisions for City-assessed penalties for non-compliance with performance requirements.

Prior to July 1, Fulton County contracted with and provided financial subsidization to Rural/Metro to provide these services for all of North Fulton. Under this previous arrangement, EMS resources were shared across all of North Fulton, sometimes leaving Sandy Springs residents and visitors with only three ambulances at peak times of the day. Therefore, under the new contract, Sandy Springs has gained two additional units during peak hours and one additional unit during off-peak hours, and has considerably more control over the utilization of these units outside of the City limits. This has translated to better ambulance availability and faster and more consistent response times.

EMS Performance Reports