Comprehensive Plan

The City of Sandy Springs has adopted its first Comprehensive Plan, which was conducted in 2 phases and resulted in the 2 documents provided below. The Community Assessment provides preliminary research on existing development conditions, demographics and other data used to then develop the policy document, which is the Community Agenda.

Comprehensive Plan - CoverGeorgia State planning law 50-8-1 et seq establishes planning requirements that provide technical guidance to local governments specifically intended to advance the state’s planning goals of:

  • A growing and balanced economy;

  • Protection of environmental, natural and cultural resources;

  • Provision of infrastructure and services to support efficient growth and development patterns;

  • Access to adequate and affordable housing for all residents;

  • Coordination of land use planning and transportation planning to support sustainable economic development, protection of natural and cultural resources and provision of adequate and affordable housing; and

  • Coordination of local planning efforts with other local service providers and authorities, neighboring communities and state and regional plans.

Building a Comprehensive Plan for Sandy Springs - Overview (PowerPoint Presentation)

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CoSS Community Assessment Report (01.02.07)

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CoSS Community Assessment Technical Appendix - Chapter 1, Population

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CoSS Community Assessment Technical Appendix - Chapter 2, Housing

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Chapter 7: Capital Improvements Elements for Impact Fees

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Chapter 6: Implementation Program

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Chapter 5: Policies

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Chapter 4: Reference to Other Plans

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Chapter 3: Summary of Community Assessment and Planning Data

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Chapter 2: Issues and Opportunities

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Chapter 1: Vision, Character Areas, and Future Land Use

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Table of Contents

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