Stormwater Drain Marker Program

One of the primary sources of pollution in our streams is non-point pollution, which is pollution coming from many undefined locations and often in small quantities. Most people do not realize that their daily activities, such as blowing leaves into the street, lead to the pollution of our streams. The public also may not know that when it rains, pollution on the ground is washed into the drains, and these drains are directly connected to our streams.

Therefore, the City of Sandy Springs is embarking on a drain marker program where our goal is to label all 4,000 catch basins in the city. Our hope is to involve residents in helping the City while also educating other residents and business owners about Stormwater pollution. Through a comprehensive communications campaign, we will be asking residents to contact the City to obtain markers they attach to catch basins that say, “No Dumping, Drains to Stream.” Volunteers will receive a map showing the location of catch basins in the area they wish to work and pamphlets to distribute in the neighborhood/area.

The volunteers will be asked to return the map showing which catch basins they marked. The returned map will be used to update an overall map of the City showing which catch basins have been labeled. The updated map will also be posted to the City’s Web site periodically.

The City will work with volunteer organizations, home owners associations and schools to accomplish this task. If you are interested in labeling your neighborhood, please call 770-730-5600 and ask to speak with Brittney Thropp.