Citizen Response Center

Citizen Response Center

The City of Sandy Springs offers live operators 24/7 to better serve the needs of the community. Please give us your feedback so we can continue to provide you with excellent service.

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We’re answering your call. And the number to call with any questions regarding any City service or to reach someone within the City of Sandy Springs is 770-730-5600.

Providing services to the citizens is of utmost importance. Our Citizen Response Center answers calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Citizen Response Center provides a single point of contact for the citizens of Sandy Springs.

Here’s how the Center works:

  • It is either transferred, or the information concerning the inquiry, service request or incident report is taken. At this point, the call is documented and a call tracking number assigned.

  • If the call is transferred, it is done so to the appropriate team member. He or she further documents the call.

  • City staff completes the service.

  • The request is updated.

  • The operator contacts the citizen for follow up.

  • A call comes in for an inquiry, service request, incident report or to contact a city employee.

The Citizen Response Center is one of many ways to reach people within the City. In many cases there will be information on this Web site that could be helpful to citizens.

Dial the Citizen Response Center to report all non-emergency Public Works issues or requests such as:

  • Non-hazardous roadway damage or pot holes

  • Traffic Signal outages

  • Traffic sign damage

  • Clogged or malfunctioning storm drains

Please be prepared to give your name, a phone number at which you may receive a follow up call, the problem and as specific a location as you can give. This information will be logged and routed to the appropriate division within Public Works. Expect a follow up call regarding the status of your Public Works request within two business days.

During an emergency, city-wide event such as an ice storm or heavy rains, first and foremost make sure you are in a safe location, then call the Call Center to report the problem. Again, be sure you have as much specific information as possible. Under emergency situations, there may even be a way to submit your information on the City website so be sure to check there as well.

In a city-wide emergency event, the Public Works staff will already be in the field searching for and addressing issues as they arise. Please be patient and allow time for our crews to arrive on scene before reporting the issue again. In these instances, follow up calls are delayed and typically occur within four to five business days after the event has ended.