Steps in Hiring Process

Step 1:

  • Submit your Application - The application is available for download when the Sandy Springs Police Department is actively recruiting.

Step 2:

  • Physical Fitness Assessment - Eligible applicants will be invited to a physical fitness assessment which will include the following;
    • Vertical Jump: 15.5 Inches
    • Sit Ups: 27 in one minute
    • Push Ups: 18 Continuous
    • 300 Meter Run: 68 seconds
    • 1.5 Mile Run: 15:00
    • Please note: The Physical Fitness Assessment date will be announced. Specific details will be provided to those who apply and are approved for participation.

Step 3:

  • Background Packet - Upon successful completion of the physical fitness assessment, the applicant will receive a background booklet which will be completed within a period of time indicated by the Background and Recruiting Officer. The applicant will be scheduled for a meeting with the Background Investigator to review the booklet.

Step 4:

  • Panel Interview - The Sandy Springs Police Department will schedule eligible applicants for an interview based on current or future manpower needs. Applicants will be interviewed by an interview panel which is made up of Sandy Springs Police Personnel of various ranks. The interview panel will either recommend, or not recommend the applicant for further consideration.

Step 5:

  • Background Investigation

Step 5:

  • Conditional Offer of Employment – Applicants who successfully complete the steps above, and if a vacancy exists, will be given a conditional offer of employment. Once the applicant accepts the conditional offer of employment, the applicant must successfully complete the following steps.

Step 6:

  • Polygraph Examination
  • Psychological Examination

Step 7:

  • Interview with the Chief of Police, Executive Staff and\or Designees.

Step 8:

  • Medical Examination / Drug Screening

Step 9:

  • Final Offer of Employment